About Us

WeddingBiodata.Com (WB) & DigitalBiodata.Com (DB) was launched by U R Web Services a company engaged in Web Development since 2000. WB addresses the need of marriage alliance seekers by providing them services like Biodata Development, Covering Letters, Kundli related information and equip with all the latest techniques in order to enhance your acceptability whereas DB is doing the same for the job purposes. 

WeddingBiodata.Com (WB) & DigitalBiodata.Com (DB) was designed to be a supporter for taking the first step in difficult matrimonial/job search process. We would like to answer the very first question - How to make a Biodata/Resume? 

      Preparing a resume for a job seems comparatively easy, but preparing a Bio data for marriage seems difficult. This is because you are not sure that you have the qualities a potential partner will find attractive. This website helps individuals to design a 100% result oriented Biodata for marriage. Our goal is to maximise the chances of success in finding a soul mate.      

     We will guide you through the process and give you a taste of what's out there in cyberspace to assist you in finding the soul mate of your dreams. We are excited to be an active catalyst in this process and are geared up to provide with a perfect partner.

      WeddingBiodata.Com (WB) & DigitalBiodata.Com (DB) are managed by professionals of U R Web Services. At U R Web Services, our own background has provided us with a strong grasp of the Indian Matrimonial and Corporate sector. Also, we have networking with many renowned Writing Professionals. This provides an edge to WB & DB to enable professional services. 

      You are welcome here to come and share your dreams and we try to weave them on the basis of your own strengths, aptitudes, interests and limitations.

      We wish that each visit to the site is useful and memorable.